Kana Dynamic IP Updater beta released

Kana Solution released Kana Dynamic IP Updater version beta.

Kana Dynamic IP Updater is a program that can be used to update your IP address into dynamic DNS service providers. It supports multiple service providers through configuration file. It is also an official update client for DynDNS.

This beta version fixed bug on creating ini file algorithm. In previous version, when the folder where the ini file should be placed is not writable by user, Kana Dynamic IP Updater will crash. In this version, the ini file will be created in the following order:

  • In folder specified by user from command line. If fails,
  • In program folder. If fails,
  • In user application data.

To see what was added and fixed in this release version, please read History.txt file that comes with the distribution.

For Windows NT users, please read Readme.txt file for issues on compatibility.

To download this version, please visit Kana Dynamic IP Updater’s Download page.

To get more information about Kana Dynamic IP Updater, please visit Kana Dynamic IP Updater’s page.

If you encounter problem running the program, please report it through contact page.

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