I Lost My Tabs

In term of speed and conformity into standards, Chrome is a good modern browser. However, until now, I only use it to check websites that I designed. One that prevents me to use it as my default browser is for lack of warning when I accidentally clicking the close button with multiple tabs still open.

Although some suggested that I can use the restore last opened tabs feature, but that still requires me to login to websites that I accidentally closed, caching back video that I have watched, and most of the time, opening multiple tabs at once will choked your computer too.

I read from a discussion site that avoiding the warning is part of Chrome’s design philosophy. It wants to avoid modal dialog that will stop the flow of process for the user. However, if the warning will give more user satisfaction, why not?

There is a discussion still going on this topic after more than a year. Hopefully Chrome team will find a solution to this problem that fits into its design philosophy.

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