Microsoft-Windows-CAPI2 Error

You may not notice this error unless you checked your Event Viewer. When I checked mine, I got many since November 17, 2010. You can check your system by opening Windows’ Event Viewer (Start Button – Control Panel – System and Security, and then click the View event logs under Administrative Tools – see Figure 1).

View Event Logs link

Figure 1: View event logs link

After the Even Viewer window displayed, on the left column click Windows Logs – Application. If you have this error, you will see CAPI2 (Event ID: 4107) as the source of the error and the detail page is displayed as in Figure 2.

Even ID 4107 Error

Figure 2: CAPI2 error detail (click to see the actual size)

Apparently many users experience the same problem, but because there is nothing unusual with my system (Windows 7 Professional), I haven’t looked at the Event Viewer until this morning.

CAPI2 (CryptoAPI 2) is an application programming interface provided by Microsoft that can be used by developers to create a secure Windows-based applications using cryptography.

The error occurs because the Microsoft Certificate Trust List Publisher certificate expired and a copy of the CTL with an expired signing certificate exists in the CryptnetUrlCache folder. When you visit a secure website, basically Windows will use this certificate to verify the authenticity of the site. The certificate is updated regularly so apparently when Windows needs to update the certificate, it failed do so and writes the error in Event Viewer.

There is solution to this problem, so if you have this error, just visit this Microsoft Support page and use the Microsoft Fix it utility. If you want to do it manually, please remember to backup your files first. The Fix it utility will create the Restore point automatically.


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