• Session Variable in WordPress

    Web application is stateless, which means once the request is fulfilled, all variables involved during the request will be gone. Most of the time, programmer needs to be able to access data that was set during previous session, and for this, there are many methods that can be used, one of them is using session.

    With session, data that is used during a request can be stored inside a text file on web server. When needed in different request, this data can be read so it will be available to be used during this new request.

  • Customize Tags Cloud in WordPress

    Tags cloud is a visualization of the tags used in a site. Using tags cloud, users can easily see the most used tags from the visualization used in the cloud.

    WordPress has built-in widget that can be used to display tags cloud. The visualization of the tags cloud in this widget is very simple. By default, the tags are displayed alphabetically with different font size depends on number of articles use a particular tag. There are some customizations that you can do by using filter, but not many. For example, you cannot give different color for each tag in the cloud.

  • Intentionally Throttling Messages Delivery

    I volunteered  to maintain several mailing lists for several community organizations. They are small mailing lists with members not more than 200 each, but on hot topics, it can generate a lot of emails sent to the email server.

    The mailing list uses Mailman. It sends the message to the email server on the same computer. The email server uses Sendmail, which is set up to send the messages to smart host, which is my ISP email server. The computer itself is using Fedora.


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