Although you can download and use these utilities for free, it is encouraged that you make a donation to the author. Please see the Make Donation page for more information about how to make donation. It will certainly help the future development of those utilities.

If you are using these products in commercial/office environment, please consider to make a donation.

Featured Products

Kana Dynamic IP Updater

Kana Dynamic IP Updater is a program that can be used to monitor the change in your IP address and automatically update the new IP address information into associated host name in dynamic dns service providers.

HTML Color Picker

HTML Color Picker is a program for Windows, which can be used to select web safe HTML color. The colors are displayed in grid (color grid), which can be set into 4 display modes. The display modes are based on how the color code are grouped into the grid.

Kana Checksum

Kana Checksum is a program to calculate CRC32 and MD5 checksum. This program is useful to verify the validity of a file. For example, when you download a file, you can verify if the download is successful by comparing the CRC32 or MD5 value of the downloaded file with the one supplied by the file provider.

Kana Clip

Kana Clip is a program which monitors text copied into clipboard. The copied text is saved into memory so it can be accessed later through popup menu. The popup menu is activated by using user defined hotkey. With its Action and Permanent Clip features, this little utility is very handy for programming, replying email, respond to newsnet mesaage, and regular text editing.

Kana Launcher

Kana Launcher is a program that can be used to launch any other files. It can create the icons associated to the files as floating window, tray icons, or as popup menu. The icons management can be easily done by using Windows Explorer, built in functions, or by using drag and drop. By using Kana Launcher, you seldom need to use the Start button on Windows.

Kana Reminder

Kana Reminder is a program which can be used to set a reminder to be triggered at a specified time. It can also be used to run another program at a specified time. This is our second most downloaded software. It is used widely in school, office, and home user. It functionality varies from simple reminder, multimedia, wakeup call, task scheduler, and many more.

Kana WallChanger

Kana WallChanger is a program that can be used to automatically change desktop wallpaper. It accepts BMP, PNG, and JPG files, and can be setup to change the wallpaper within specified time. It integrates many more functions such as opening/closing CD drive (which support unlimited number of drives), logoff, restart, shutdown Windows (also standby and hibernate if supported by your computer), hiding desktop icons, make background desktop icon transparent, lockup your computer, and immediately activate screen saver.

Miscellaneous Utilities

Kana Solution also develops several small utilities that can be used to do many kind of tasks.

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