Kana Dynamic IP Updater

How can I specify the location of Kana Dynamic IP Updater’s setting file?


How can I specify the location of Kana Dynamic IP Updater’s setting file?


You can specify the location of setting file by appending its location when you start Kana Dynamic IP Updater. In order to do that, you need to start Kana Dynamic IP Updater from command line or create a shortcut with the location of setting file is appended as parameter.

For example, if you want Kana Dynamic IP Updater to save its setting file inside C:\My Setting\Kana Dynamic IP Updater\dyndns.ini, you need to use the following command (all in one line):

“C:\Program Files\Kana Dynamic IP Updater\DynDNS.exe” “C:\My Setting\Kana Dynamic IP Updater\dyndns.ini”

When running Kana Dynamic IP Updater on Windows Vista, make sure that the folder where you want to put the ini file is accessible by the user running the program.


  • The double quotation marks are needed when the path contains space.
  • The log files will also put on the same folder as the setting file.
  • Kana Dynamic IP Updater needs to have write access on the folder where the setting file is located.
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