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Symbol Macro for Email


When sending email after update, I want the subject of the email to contain updated IP address or updated date, or …. How can I do this?


Kana Dynamic IP Updater version and above support symbol macro that can be used in the subject of the email.

To use it, include the symbol macro on the subject line. For example, subject line that read


will be replaced with

Updated: August 6, 2003.

Email subject with symbol macro

You can enter the subject with symbol macro on the subject box of the Email Settings.

Currently, the following symbol macros are available

    %CURRENT_IP%     = IP address before update.
    %UPDATED_IP%     = IP address after update.
    %LONGDATE%       = current date in system long date format.
    %SHORTDATE%      = current date in system short date format.
    %LONGTIME%       = current time in system long time format.
    %SHORTTIME%      = current time in system short time format.
    %HOUR%           = current hour with leading zero (00-23).
    %SHORTHOUR%      = current hour without leading zero (0-23).
    %MINUTE%         = current minute with leading zero (00-59).
    %SHORTMINUTE%    = current minute without leading zero (0-59).
    %SECOND%         = current second with leading zero (00-59).
    %SHORTSECOND%    = current second without leading zero (0-59).
    %AMPM%           = the hour will be displayed in 12-hour format,
                       and the AM or PM will be displayed (depends on
                       system setting).
    %DATE%           = current date with leading zero (01-31).
    %SHORTDATE%      = current date without leading zero (1-31).
    %MONTH%          = current month with leading zero (01-12).
    %SHORTMONTH%     = current month without leading zero (1-12).
    %YEAR%           = current year in four-digit number (2003).
    %SHORTYEAR%      = current year in two-digit number (03).
    %MONTHSHORTNAME% = current month as an abbreviation (Jan-Dec) -
                       depends on system setting.
    %MONTHLONGNAME%  = current month as full name (January-December) -
                       depends on system setting.
    %DAYSHORTNAME%   = current day as an abbreviation (Sun-Sat) -
                       depends on system setting.
    %DAYLONGNAME%    = current day as a full name (Sunday-Saturday) -
                       depends on system setting.
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