Kana Dynamic IP Updater

What service provider configuration files are available?


What service provider configuration files are available?


Here are some of the configuration files available at this time.

  1. 2mydns.com
  2. cjb.net
  3. dnip.net
  4. dns.blueline.be
  5. dyndns.dk (by Eric Kuch – 8/17/2005)
  6. dynserv.ca (by Frank Hoppe – 9/24/2005)
  7. dynup.net
  8. freedns.afraid.org (by Paolo Tavazzani – 2/25/2008) New!
  9. www.blrf.net
  10. www.changeip.com (by Kyle – 11/8/2005)
  11. www.dnsmadeeasy.com (by Wallace – 2/07/2007, updated by Michel Cote 10/25/2007)
  12. www.dnsexit.com (by Jereme Ransick – 11/19/2007)
  13. www.easydns.com (by Pierre Fillion – 1/29/2005)
  14. www.enom.com (by Jerry Reininger – 4/1/2008) New!
  15. www.gratisdns.de (by Torsten – 1/10/2007)
  16. www.namecheap.com (by arolf – 7/13/2006)
  17. www.netopti.net
  18. www.no-ip.com (by Nicolas Alvarez – 12/26/2005)
  19. www.opendns.com (by Michel Cote 10/25/2007)
  20. www.ovh.com (by St├ęphane Messerli – 9/16/2005)
  21. www.sitelutions.com (by German Velandia – 9/9/2006)
  22. www.stato.de (by Thomas Holschen – 05/06/2008) New!
  23. www.TZO.com (by Scott Prive – TZO Support – 2/12/2005)
  24. www.yi.org
  25. www.zoneedit.com (by Luc De Pourcq – 3/12/2005)
  • Kana Dynamic IP Updater support DynDNS by default. No configuration file is needed if you use it.
  • To enable multi providers support, see this faq.
  • If you want to create the new configuration file for other service provider, please see the configuration file specification.
  • If you have been successfully created a configuration file for service provider that is not listed here, please send it by using contact page so that it can be shared with others.

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