Kana Dynamic IP Updater

Version History

Copyright 2001-2007 by Kana Solution

+ Feature added
o Bug fixed
! Change
- General information


21.11.2007 Version (Beta)
o Fixed bug on creating ini file algorithm. In previous version, when the
  folder where the ini file should be placed is not writable by user, DynDNS
  Updater will crash. In this version, the ini file will be created in 
  the following order:
  - In folder specified by user from command line. If fails,
  - In program folder. If fails,
  - In user application data.

13.11.2007 Version (Beta)
+ Added feature to ask for password to access DynDNS Updater.
+ Added feature to specify full domain name used on EHLO command when
  sending email.
+ Added confirmation when downloading hostnames and the box is already
  filled by other hostname.
o Fixed bug. When the checking for new version and new version dialog is 
  displayed, the checking IP process is suspended until the dialog is closed.
o Fixed bug when force update is required and a non fatal error is resulted.
  Previously, DynDNS Updater will not be able to do the update, but keep
  trying. This results in continous beeping.
o Fixed bug when doing offline update. In previous version, the offline IP
  address was not recorded so the information displayed on updated IP is
  not valid.
o Fixed various cosmetic bugs when running on Vista.

17.09.2006 Version
+ Added IP address into private
  IP list (RFC 3330)

07.07.2006 Version
+ The symbol macro works on test email also.
o The new version notification dialog is now displayed when running 
  as service.

05.07.2006 Version
o Fixed bug on the automatic update checking did not use customized url.
+ Added symbol macro that can be used on subject of the email sent after 
  an update. If the following symbols are placed on the subject line, 
  it will be replaced by associated text. For now, the symbols recognized
    %CURRENT_IP%     = IP address before update.
    %UPDATED_IP%     = IP address after update.
    %LONGDATE%       = current date in system long date format.
    %SHORTDATE%      = current date in system short date format.
    %LONGTIME%       = current time in system long time format.
    %SHORTTIME%      = current time in system short time format.
    %HOUR%           = current hour with leading zero (00-23).
    %SHORTHOUR%      = current hour without leading zero (0-23).
    %MINUTE%         = current minute with leading zero (00-59).
    %SHORTMINUTE%    = current minute without leading zero (0-59).
    %SECOND%         = current second with leading zero (00-59).
    %SHORTSECOND%    = current second without leading zero (0-59).
    %AMPM%           = the hour will be displayed in 12-hour format,
                       and the AM or PM will be displayed (depends on
                       system setting).
    %DATE%           = current date with leading zero (01-31).
    %SHORTDATE%      = current date without leading zero (1-31).
    %MONTH%          = current month with leading zero (01-12).
    %SHORTMONTH%     = current month without leading zero (1-12).
    %YEAR%           = current year in four-digit number (2003).
    %SHORTYEAR%      = current year in two-digit number (03).
    %MONTHSHORTNAME% = current month as an abbreviation (Jan-Dec) -
                       depends on system setting.
    %MONTHLONGNAME%  = current month as full name (January-December) -
                       depends on system setting.
    %DAYSHORTNAME%   = current day as an abbreviation (Sun-Sat) -
                       depends on system setting.
    %DAYLONGNAME%    = current day as a full name (Sunday-Saturday) -
                       depends on system setting.
  will be replaced by
    Updated: August 6, 2003

16.06.2006 Version
o Fixed bug when entering hosts more than 20 within one group.
+ Added configuration to specify the URL to check for the new version.
  By default, the new version is checked again the DynDNS.com website, 
  but sometime, the version provided there is not the latest version. 
  To specify the URL, put the following entry on ini file under 
  [CheckUpdate] section:
o Fixed copyrights text did not include current year.    

25.05.2006 Version
o Fixed bug on sending email feature was broken.
o Fixed bug that the tray icon was not displayed when Windows is 
  started and no one is logon immediately.

24.05.2006 Version
+ Added one page on wizard to install the program as service or to 
  start it with Windows.
! Changed default location of ini file. By default, the ini file will 
  be saved on program folder. If you are upgrading, the old ini file 
  will be automatically copied into the new location.
+ Added delay to start the user interface when the program run as 
  service. This is intended to minimize the problems occured during 
  startup. The delay is user configurable. By default, it's setup for 
  30 seconds. If you want to change it, put the following line under 
  [Options] section of the ini file:
  where xx is an integer value.
+ Added delay to start the user interface when user logon to the 
  Windows after logoff when running as service. The program still 
  monitors the IP address during this delay. This is intended to 
  minimize the problems occured during the logon process.
09.03.2006 Version
o Fixed bug on deciding when to do force update.
+ Added checking for advanced computer timer. When update 
  occured during the advanced time, then the time is 
  reversed, the current time will be recorded as last update 
o Fixed bug on enter hostname on wizard page. When the hostname 
  is selected, the Edit and Delete buttons was not activated.

28.01.2006 Version
o Better IP address detection when force update is required.
+ If you want to set the checking interval when an error 
  occured during update, add the following line under [Options] 
  section on ini file:
  where x is an integer number represents minute. 
  Default is 1 minute.
+ If you want to run multiple instances of DynDNS Updater 
  (by using different configuration), add the following line 
  under [Options] section on ini file:
  where valid value is either 0 (disable) or 1 (enable).
o Fixed software update detection.
o Fixed update interval setting was not read properly.

01.11.2005 Version
! Changed text DynDNS.org into DynDNS.
! Changed DynDNS url from http://dyndns.org into
! Activate DynDNS's version update URL.
o Fixed bug when updating through port 8245 and using secure
! Changed text DynDNS on main window into graphic.
! Changed DynDNS logo on About box.
! Changed how the run programs setting is entered. New
  setting allows more control.
+ Added possibility to add current and updated IP addresses
  on program to run.
+ DynDNS Updater now post a message after checking IP and
  after updating. The message contains current and updated
  IP addresses.
+ Added possibility to run program when public IP address
  cannot be detected. The settings are similar to the run
  program when active connection is detected.
o Fixed bug on the running program setting when the delay is
  set to 0 second.
o Fixed bug. The confirmation password was not checked when
  downloading hostname.
! Updated SSL implementation.
+ Reimplemented the update using LAN IP address. To do this,
  add the following line under [Options] section on ini
o Updated running as service implementation. This
  implementation fixed several startup issues when running
  DynDNS Updater as service, especially with dialup
+ Added button to install the service from the program. When
  installing the service by using this button, the
  configuration is automatically copied into program folder.
+ Added routine to detect if the program is currently run as
  service or as regular application.
o Fixed various issues related to the logoff and logon
  process that can make the application crash.
! The IP server selected on Configure IP Server manually is
  now saved.

20.09.2005 Version
o Fixed bug when an update error occured at the same time
  the force update is needed.
! Dialer entries shows more than 16 entries.
o Spelling error.
o badauth returned when using wrong password.
+ Can be run as service or regular application.
+ Added Test button on Email Setting window.
+ Added information about the version of the currently
  running program and the version that available on server
  on Software Update window. The "Check Now" button is also
  added on this window.
o Fixed starting service issue when the program is run for
  the first time. If the program is run for the first time,
  it will display the setup wizard. The wizard may take some
  time to finish, and apparently the service will fail to
  start, and as a result, the program is closed. The fix is,
  when run as service for the first time, the wizard is
  displayed after the program is fully loaded.
+ Added Last Update column on group list.

07.05.2005 Version
  o Fixed dialer did not recognize its disable setting.
  + Added automatic checking for new version.
  ! The hostname list on automatic hostnames download by
    default now is unselected.

31.03.2005 Version
  + Using HTTPS protocol to update by default for
    DynDNS.org. For other providers, you can enable the
    HTTPS protocol by specifying it in the configuration
    file. The setting to be added is:

27.03.2005 Version
  o Replaced the OpenSSL dll files with the older version.
    This seem resolves the error in Windows Server 2003.
  + The two releases are now combined into one release.
    Default configuration only supports DynDNS.org. If you
    want to enable the multi service providers support,
    create an entry IsDynDNS=0 inside [Options] section of
    dyndns.ini file.

15.03.2005 Version
  o Fixed various issues related to the beta version.
  - Officially released.

10.03.2005 Version (Beta)
  - Public beta release
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