Copyright 2001-2007 by Kana Solution

09:11:20 26.12.2007 - Version
* Added more color groups.
* Added grayscale color group.
* Added base color on the left column.

06:13:32 10.12.2007 - Version
* Added function to select color from dialog. Try:
  - Edit menu -> Select Color
  - Click the "Selected Color Box".
* Added function to select color by picking it from desktop. Try:
  - Click and hold the small box on the "Selected Color Box".

15:26:59 15.01.2004 - Version
* Fixed bug on function to detect previous instance.

10:59:02 11.01.2004 - Version
* Added one additional color group.
* Added hover color.
* The color selection is now retained instead of the grid when changing 
  the color mode.
* Now accept parameters, so it can be integrated with other program. See 
  Help file for more information on the parameters.

22:50:02 10.01.2004 - Version
* Public release

00:00:00 21.06.2001 - Version
* First created as internal software
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