Kana Launcher

Kana Launcher is a Windows program that can be used to launch your favorite programs or documents efficiently.

Using Kana Launcher, you have the freedom to choose how the icons to launch the programs or documents should be created. With Kana Launcher, the icons can be created as:

  • Floating window
    The icons can be created as floating window. With this method, when the mouse pointer is hovered above icons created by Kana Launcher on Windows’ notification area (system tray), a window which contains icons is displayed. From this window, you can click the icon that represents the program or document, and that particular program or document will be launched.
  • Icon in Windows’ notification area
    The icons can be created inside Windows’ notification area (system tray). With this, you only need one mouse click to launch your favorite programs or documents.
  • Popup menu
    The icon can be created as popup menu. With this, and by assigning a hotkey, you can have the menu to popup anywhere on the desktop.

Other method to launch the programs or documents is by creating a Group Starts. This is a group of several programs or documents which can be launched just by using one mouse click. Group Start is created as one menu item in Kana Launcher popup menu.

To manage the icons and menus created by Kana Launcher is very easy. Kana Launcher recognizes any file added to or deleted from its data folder, so it can update the icons and menus automatically. Kana Launcher itself has capability to manage the icons and menus, although you can also use Windows Explorer to manage them.

Kana Launcher is a combination of Quick Launch and taskbar toolbar feature. But, unlike of Quick Launch, which needs Internet Explorer 4 or above, or Windows 98, and taskbar toolbar feature, which needs Internet Explorer 5, Kana Launcher can run on any version of Windows without needs of Internet Explorer installed.

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  • Last updated: Sunday, December 26, 2010 9:24 pm
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