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What is the command line option for Kana Reminder?


What is the command line option for Kana Reminder?


Kana Reminder accepts command line parameter, which can be used to specify the location of the data and setting files.

By default, the data and setting files are saved into user’s application data folder, which varies with operating system. Each user has his/her data and setting files. If you want to use one data and setting files for different users, you can use the command line to start Kana Reminder.

The syntax for command line is:

Reminder “path to setting file name”

Where “path to setting file name” is the complete path to your setting file. If the setting file does not exist on the specified location, the file will be created. Quotation mark is needed if the path or file name contains space.


If the Kana Reminder is inside “C:\Program Files\Kana Reminder” folder, and you want to save or use the data and setting files which are inside “C:\My Setting\Kana Reminder” folder, then the command is:

“C:\Program Files\Kana Reminder\Reminder.exe” “C:\My Setting\Kana Reminder\Reminder.ini”

Once you start Kana Reminder by using command line as the above example, you can set it to automatically start with Windows. By this, the command line parameter will be recorded, and you do not need to use command line anymore.

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