Copyright 2001-2007 by Kana Solution

* Because of many added functions, the data and setting
  files in this
  version are not compatible with the previous version.
* The location of data and setting files are moved into the
  Application Data folder.
* No help file is yet provided for this beta release.

* Export to text and import from text file.
* Export to XML and import from XML file.

21:22:41 14.11.2007 - Version
* Fixed bug that the reminder type for monthly reminder was not 
  displayed when mouse is hovered on reminder list.
* Fixed bug that the Show Reminder command from calendar window
  did not work on Vista (the reminder list was not marked).
* Fixed bug on calender window which is the window size was not 
  correctly calculated.
* Fixed some cosmetic bugs when running on Vista.

00:30:31 09.09.2006 - Version
* Fixed bug that the reminder list was not updated at midnight.

01:54:10 27.11.2005 - Version
* Fixed calendar window width problem when running on 
  Windows 2003 Server.

06:42:24 15.10.2005 - Version
* Fixed bug when adding and displaying reminder in certain

10:10:16 27.09.2005 - Version
* Added possibility to disable the Flash tray icon setting
  when adding new reminder data. To do that add the
  following line under [Options] section:

15:42:39 24.03.2005 - Version
* Fixed bug. Reminder data was not correctly recorded. The
  bug was introduced on last release.

03:17:14 18.03.2005 - Version
* Added setting to enable auto popup and auto close
  reminder's window for individual reminder data.
* Added message when some reminders data are set to ignore

12:54:28 10.08.2004 - Version
* Fixed the calendar window width if running on Windows XP
  with Service Pack 2. This is a temporary fix, and may only
  work on Windows XP version with English language.

09:22:05 09.08.2004 - Version
* Fixed bug related to saving configuration process.

11:39:08 13.04.2004 - Version
* Fixed bug on advancing reminder data for weekdays and
  weekends reminder type.

09:43:55 17.02.2004 - Version
* Fixed bug on how to handle reminder data which are exactly
  the same. This happen when you create a reminder data by
  copying the existing one without make any change. This
  version will not allow the data to be exactly the same by
  advance the setting time by 1 second.

16:31:10 14.02.2004 - Version
* Fixed bug on reminder balloon popup information.

10:12:31 31.01.2004 - Version
* Fixed bug on disabling/deleting reminder after specified
  time (introduced on latest build).

21:35:01 25.01.2004 - Version
* Added function to disable/delete reminder entry after
  specified time.
* Added function to round the second on time when adding
  reminder to zero. To enable this function, add the
  following line under [Options] section:
* Added function to automatically update the data file when
  needed. The update function works with data file from
  version 1 and version 2.

NOTE: Because of the addition of the new function, this
      version will update the data file. You will be given
      an information about this.
      Click YES to update your data on the dialog.

17:45:18 10.12.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug when adding new reminder from calendar window.
  When the time of the new reminder is set to lower then
  current time, and although the date is the future date,
  the confirmation of overdue dialog is displayed.
* Added settings to customize tray icon when displayed as
  date. Now it is possible to distinguish the icon between
  having and no reminder to be triggered today. For no
  reminder today settings, add the following lines under the
  [IconDate] section:
  the valid values for these settings are the same as
  explained in 20:43:40 01.12.2003 - Version

10:25:28 02.12.2003 - Version
* Added setting to set the 'Ignore overdue on start' is
  always checked when add new reminder, so when this
  reminder is already overdue when the program is started,
  its reminder time will be advanced base on the reminder
  type. To activate this setting, add the following line
  under [Options] section:
  Change the 1 to 0 to deactivate.
* Activated the minimize button on triggered reminder

20:43:40 01.12.2003 - Version
* Added possibility to display current date as tray icon. By
  default,this function is not active. To activate this
  function, add thefollowing setting under [Options]
  Change the 1 to 0 to deactivate.
  To customize the font for the icon, copy and paste the
  following linesinto your ini file.
  ** Copy and paste start from after this line
  ** Copy and paste until before this line
    Bold=1         -- Displays the font in bold. Change 1 to
                      0 to display in normal font.
    Color=clMaroon -- Set the icon color to maroon. See the
                      information on '23:15:56 14.07.2003 -
                      Version' section on this file
                      for more information.
    Format=d       -- See the url below for specification of
                      the format.
* Added function to check for update. To check for
  availability of the new version, click the version number
  on the About box.

17:11:42 12.11.2003 - Version
* Clicking balloon hint (on Win2K and WinXP) displays
  triggered reminder.
* When adding new reminder, the cursor is placed on reminder
  text window.
* Completed popup help. Main help is still under

20:26:15 09.11.2003 - Version
* Fixed serious bug that can delete all reminder data. When
  a reminder has password, and then deleted, the program
  could not detect correct data index, and as a result,
  wrong data is deleted.
* Fixed bug when deleting reminder data with password. When
  deleting, the password authentication is displayed after
  confirmation, so it is possible to see the reminder text.
* Added some context help on main window (it is not finished

07:26:29 09.11.2003 - Version
* Fixed cosmetic bug on the triggered reminder window
  caption. When the reminder texts are more then one line,
  the caption was a bit shifted.
* Changed the "Open Setting File" menu from tray icon popup
  menu into "Open Data Folder", so you can easily locate the
  log file also.

13:05:16 08.11.2003 - Version
* Added possibility to set what is displayed on the calendar
  window. The choices are set by creating, or changing if
  you already have that, this
  setting under [Options] section:
  where x can be:
    0 = do not display the window
    1 = display calendar together with date and time
    2 = display only calendar
    3 = display only date and time
* Fixed cosmetic bug on reminder list. The selected list
  item was not set as visible after editing and adding

20:54:12 07.11.2003 - Version
* Added current date and time displays on calendar window.
  This area can also be used to hide the calendar window.
  Try also the right click mouse function on this area.
  As always, you can customize the format of date and time
  displayed on this area. To do this, add the following
  lines under the [Options]
  section on ini file:
  See this url for specification of the format:


10:36:29 05.11.2003 - Version
* If the reminder text contains url, it can be clicked and
  the url will be loaded on your default browser in new
  browser window.
* The caret on the text in the triggered reminder window is
  displayed again so that the text can be copied.
* Enhanced the code on the select reminder window background
  color dialog.

17:28:15 04.11.2003 - Version
* Changed the function to calculate the position of the
  triggered reminder window.

13:16:25 03.11.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug on the calculation of triggered reminder
  position when the screen size only fits for 1 triggered
  reminder window.

14:12:13 17.10.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug that the custom reminder type data was not
  properly advanced after it is being triggered.

18:55:50 16.10.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug that the tray icon did not recovered after
  Explorer crashes.

17:45:56 12.10.2003 - Version
* Fixed. When the reminder is triggered, the tray icon
  sometime blinks really fast.
* Fixed. When exiting the program, and the main window has
  not been displayed previously, a flash of main window

21:33:32 06.10.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug that the program stopped responding when viewing
  the about box on Windows 98.

17:35:37 29.09.2003 - Version
* Added function to disable the reminder list buttons when
  the reminder is already triggered.
* If the reminder text is too long to fit on the reminder
  list, or if it consists of more than one line, the full
  reminder text is now displayed on the reminder list hint.
  The reminder text and the old hint are separated by three
  You can customise the separator by adding the following
  line under [Options] section, and replacing the dashes:

09:52:46 28.08.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug on the group member when the list is sorted in
  descending order.

10:00:40 27.08.2003 - Version
* If running on Windows XP, the reminder list is now
  displayed in group by default. To revert into regular
  list, create the following ini file entry under [Options]
  replace 0 by 1 to reenable it. You need to resort the list
  (by clicking the list header) in order for the change to
  take effect.

10:06:33 25.07.2003 - Version
* The bold date on calendar now is updated after the
  reminder is triggered.
* Fixed the behaviour of the dialog when aborting the exit
  Windows process. When aborting, and the dialog to delete
  the reminder data is displayed, clicking No button will
  advance the reminder data, except for a one time reminder,
  where the data will be displayed for editing. Clicking Yes
  button always deletes the reminder data.

23:15:56 14.07.2003 - Version
* Added new menu item on calendar popup menu to show the
  reminders on the selected date. The reminder will be shown
  with yellow line (by default) on the list.
  To set this new menu as default action, set
  CalPopupDefIdx=11 (scroll down for more information).
  To change the default yellow color, add the following
  lines under [Options] section of ini file:
  where AABBCC is the HTML color code in reverse order. So,
  to get the color #FFCC00 (in HTML), you should enter
  $0000CCFF in ini file. You can also use the following
  constant (ex. TodayReminderColor=clRed):
    clScrollBar             clBackground
    clActiveCaption         clInactiveCaption
    clMenu                  clWindow
    clWindowFrame           clMenuText
    clWindowText            clCaptionText
    clActiveBorder          clInactiveBorder
    clAppWorkSpace          clHighlight
    clHighlightText         clBtnFace
    clBtnShadow             clGrayText
    clBtnText               clInactiveCaptionText
    clBtnHighlight          cl3DDkShadow
    cl3DLight               clInfoText
    clInfoBk                clBlack
    clMaroon                clGreen
    clOlive                 clNavy
    clPurple                clTeal
    clGray                  clSilver
    clRed                   clLime
    clYellow                clBlue
    clFuchsia               clAqua
    clLtGray                clDkGray
    clWhite                 clNone

23:47:42 13.07.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug on date and time picker on Add/Edit Reminder
  window. Apparently, the date and time formats for the date
  and time picker are different from Delphi date and time
  format. To customize the date and time picker format, you
  need to add the following lines under [Options] section of
  ini file:

    for more information about the format (the url is
* Added "Open Setting File" menu on tray icon popup menu to
  open the ini file.
* Changed the picture on the About box, and added Credit
  button into About box.

18:28:04 12.07.2003 - Version
* The dates which have reminders set now are displayed in

11:15:14 11.07.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug that the reminder tray icon did not changed to
  reflect the amount of today reminder when the day is
* Changed default date and time display into short date and
  time format, which depends on your computer setting. You
  still can customize the date and time format by editing
  the ini file. Scroll this document to see how to do that.
* Added calendar window. This window is displayed when the
  mouse pointer is above the Kana Reminder tray icon. By
  default, the calendar is always displayed. If you want to
  not display the calendar, add the following line into ini
  file under [Options]
  replace 0 (zero) with 1 to display it again.
  By default, the display of the calendar is delayed about 1
  second, that is, you need to position your mouse pointer
  at the same place above the tray icon for 1 second before
  the calendar is displayed.
  You can change this delay time by adding the following
  line into ini file under [Options] section:
  where the number represent the delay time in milliseconds.
  The above example sets the delay into 500 ms. The accepted
  values are between 0 (zero) and 20000 (20 seconds).
  By default, if your mouse pointer is not above the tray
  icon, or the calendar window anymore, the calendar will be
  closed within about 10 seconds. To change this time, add
  the following line into ini file under [Options] section:
  where the number represent the time passed before the
  calendar window will be closed in second. The above
  example sets the time into 3 s. The accepted values are
  between 0 (zero) and 59 (59 seconds).
  When you right click the calendar window, a popup menu is
  displayed. The Add New Reminder menu is used to add new
  reminder at the selected date. The Date, Time, and Date
  Time submenu are used to copy the selected date and
  current time into clipboard.
  The custom format is read from the specified custom date
  and time format (scroll this document down to get that
  information). The Goto Today menu is used to display the
  current date. To select the date, click the desired date
  By default, none of the popup menu items is set as default
  action (the default action is executed when you double
  click the date). To set the default action, add the
  following line into ini file under
  [Options] section:
  where the number represents the index of the popup menu.
  Number 1 represents the Add New Reminder menu, 2
  represents the copy selected date into clipboard in long
  date format menu, 10 represents the copy selected date and
  current time into clipboard in custom format menu.
  The Goto Today menu cannot be selected as default action.
  When you double click the selected date, the default
  action will be performed.
    If you click the button on calendar to change the month
    quickly, the default action may be performed.

10:04:58 08.07.2003 - Version
* Fixed the caption of the button on triggered reminder
  window. For one time reminder, when the 'Remind again' or
  'Edit' checkbox is unchecked, the caption did not return
  into 'Dismiss'.
* Added setting to set the default index of the 'Remind me
  again within' time selection. To do this, add the
  following lines inside [Options] section in ini file:
  where idx is the index of the list started from zero (0 =
  5 minutes, 1 = 10 minutes, etc.)

22:06:51 07.07.2003 - Version
* Added setting to position the triggered reminder window on
  screen. Currently, 4 positions are possible. These
  positions define the position of the first triggered
  window on screen. The subsequent windows will be
  positioned next to this window, with priority, first
  in horizontal direction, and then in vertical direction.
  By default, the first window will be positioned on the top
  left of the screen.
  To change this setting, add the following line inside
  [Options] section in ini file:
  you need to change the value of x by:
    1 =  top left
    2 =  top right
    3 =  bottom left
    4 =  bottom right
* Fixed some bugs.

10:03:52 04.07.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug. When the reminder was run under Windows 2000,
  sometimes it stayed in memory after exiting the program.

16:48:19 03.07.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug. When setting the reminder to Exit Windows (log
  off, restart, etc.), an error occurred when the reminder
  attempted to do the task.
* Added button to test the program to be run. Look at the
  Program to Run window (Add New Reminder - Options - ...
* Added reminder text into the triggered reminder window
* Added setting so that when you add new reminder data, the
  default of predefined type displayed can be set. To do
  this, add the following lines inside [Options] section in
  ini file:
  where the valid values for RememberReminderType are:
    0 = Always display Only Once as default
    1 = Allow to set predefined type.
  And the valid values of idx on ReminderTypeIndex are
  between 0 and 31 (the index of the list base on zero).

06:32:43 30.06.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug. When more than one reminder data are triggered,
  the reminder data to be processed (edited, deleted, or
  rescheduled) can be wrong.
* Fixed bug. When selecting to edit the reminder data after
  it was triggered, and the Cancel button is clicked in
  editing window, the status of the reminder data on the
  list was not updated (still display Already triggered).

21:18:15 24.06.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug on the disable control interval setting was not
  correctly read.

09:07:05 23.06.2003 - Version
* Added function to temporarily disable the button to close
  the triggered window to avoid accidentally closing that
  window. To activate this function, add the following lines
  inside [Options] section in ini file:
  where the valid values for DisableControl are:
    0 = Disable this function
    1 = Enable this function
  and the valid values for DisableControlInt are between
  0-59. DisableControlInt represents the time interval the
  button will be disabled in seconds. The close button on
  the top right of the window still can be used to close the
  window during the disabled state.

11:40:48 21.06.2003 - Version
* Added two predefined reminder types: weekday and weekend.
  Note: because of this addition, if you have weekly
  reminder type or above, it will be shifted, so please
  check your data for that kind of reminder.
  By default, Saturday and Sunday are defined as weekend. If
  you want to customize the weekday and weekend, create the
  following entry inside the [Options] section in ini file:
  where 0 defines a weekend, 1 defines a weekday. The length
  of the sequence of those characters should be 7 (number of
  days in a week) or otherwise it will be ignored. The
  sequence begins from Sunday, so the above example defines
  Sunday as weekend and the other days as weekdays.

09:05:56 14.06.2003 - Version
* Activate the write version number to registry function.

08:23:58 13.06.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug that the color and background color settings for
  reminder text was not displayed on triggered reminder
* Some interface improvements.

10:29:35 06.06.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug on loading user icon when the icon file was not
  To activate the user icon, you need to do the following
  * Add the following line under the [Options] section of
    ini file:
    where the valid values are:
      0 = disable user icon
      1 = enable user icon
  * Create the following section in ini file:
  * Add the keys for the icon under the [UserIcons] section
    in format
      KeyName=path to icon file
    the keys name are:
      Once      = one time reminder
      Hourly1   = 1-hour reminder
      Hourly8   = 8-hour reminder
      Daily1    = 1-day reminder
      Daily6    = 6-day reminder
      Weekly1   = 1-week reminder
      Weekly3   = 3-week reminder
      Monthly1  = 1-month reminder
      Monthly11 = 11-month reminder
      uiYearly  = yearly reminder
      uiDisable = disable reminder
    the sequence of the keys is not important.
  If the icon file cannot be found, the default icon will be
  You need to restart the program to see the effect.

09:15:15 05.06.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug on the number of reminder today was not properly
  updated when the day changes. In the previous version, the
  number was updated until at least one reminder is

14:36:04 04.06.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug on the reboot dialog was displayed with
  resizable window.
* Added possibility to change the log file. To use this
  setting, add this line under [Options] inside the ini
  where the valid values are:
    0 = no change on log file (default value)
    1 = the log file will be changed daily
    2 = the log file will be changed weekly
    3 = the log file will be changed monthly.
* Added possibility to set the "Add New Reminder" as default
  action when clicking tray icon. To use this setting, add
  this line under [Options] inside the ini file:
  where the valid values are:
    0 = Show Main Window as default (default)
    1 = Add New Reminder as default

12:28:51 29.05.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug when editing reminder data, an error occurred
  and forced to restart the program. This occurred when the
  temporary folder where Kana Reminder places its temporary
  file was deleted.

00:05:14 19.05.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug that the action taken when exiting Windows was
  not displayed correctly inside the reboot dialog.

22:12:14 18.05.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug that the number of reminder today was not
  updated after processing repeated reminder.

22:14:46 15.05.2003 - Version
* When the auto popup is selected, the popup triggered
  window does not steal focus (Win2000 and Win XP).
* Fixed bug on the setting to set hotkey to show the
  triggered reminder window.
* Improved support for WinXP theme. This slightly increases
  the size of the file.

10:23:37 11.05.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug that the always on top of triggered reminder
  window was not implemented.
* Fixed bug that an error occurred when exiting the program
  with triggered reminder windows still displayed.

22:28:46 09.05.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug that the reminder sound did not stop after
  closing reminder window when using auto popup reminder
* Added functions to save the reminder data into text file.
* Added logging capabilities for triggered reminder. To
  activate it, added this line under [Options] inside ini
* To shown balloon tips when the reminder is triggered on
  Windows 2000 and XP, added this line under [Options]
  inside ini file:
* To customize the date and time display format, added this
  line under [Options] inside ini file:
    DateTimeFormat=dd.MM.yy HH:mm:ss
  See this url for specification of the format:


00:17:53 09.05.2003 - Version
* Added one menu to show all triggered reminder windows.
* Some code optimization which reduces the file size.

22:36:01 08.05.2003 - Version
* The 255 characters limitation on the box to enter the
  reminder text was not deleted in the previous version.

21:51:59 07.05.2003 - Version
* Kana Reminder Version 2 Beta released.
  * Better password function. Password can be assigned for
    each reminder.
  * Multi triggered reminder windows. All triggered reminder
    windows can be displayed.
  * Unlimited reminder text. The text for reminder data is
    not limited to 255 characters anymore.
  * Can assign custom reminder interval beside the
    predefined types.
  * Added more exit windows types. Can select to hibernate
    and suspend.
  * Added setting to ignore an overdue reminder.
  * Many customization by adding settings in ini file:
    * Popup balloon hint when the reminder is triggered.
    * User defined format for date and time.
    * User defined format for reminder list icons.
  * Many more improvements.
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