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Program Description

Copyright 2003 by Kana Solution


KanaUtils is a command line utilities that can be used to launch
various Windows' settings. This utility is useful if you want to
create a shortcut to launch that setting.

For example, you can create a shortcut and place it inside Kana
Launcher data folder so you can launch the Windows' setting easily.


KanaUtils.exe /i
where i is an integer value.
Valid values of i are:
 1 = Date Time - Date
 2 = Date Time - Time zone
 3 = Display properties - theme
 4 = power
 5 = Display properties - screen saver
 6 = Display properties - settings
 7 = Mouse properties - Button
 8 = Mouse properties - Pointers
 9 = Mouse properties - Pointer Options
10 = Mouse properties - Wheels
11 = Mouse properties - Hardware
12 = Keyboard properties - Speed
13 = Keyboard properties - Hardware
14 = Modem properties
15 = Power properties

For bugs report, questions, or feature requests, please visit the
Contact page on https://www.kanasolution.com.


Download kanautils

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