Miscellaneous Utilities

  • CD Tray

    CD Tray is a Windows program that can be used to open and close the CD drive by clicking the popup menu from Windows system tray. By using CD Tray, you can open and close your CD/DVD Drive by using a popup menu accessible from Windows’ system notification area.

  • Character Viewer

    Character Viewer is a Windows program that can be used to view characters inside a font. By using Character Viewer, you can view the character contained in a font file in enlarged form.

  • Kana PopCloser

    Kana PopCloser is a Windows program which can be used to monitor opened browser window. If the window is in Kana PopCloser database, then it can be closed automatically. Kana PopCloser currently detects 4 browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, and Opera. It detects base on browser class and browser title. The title can be configured, so it will also work on customized browser.

Command Line Utilities

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