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  • Encryption 101: Keys, Algorithms and You

    In today’s world, understanding at a minimum basic level how to protect data you’re both storing and transmitting is essential to your business’ survival. information technology professional Mike Chapple shows how to protect confidential information via encryption, and teaches the basics when it comes to selecting an encryption technology.

    Encryption provides the ability to use mathematical algorithms to protect the confidentiality and integrity of information transmitted via insecure means or stored in an insecure location. While the detailed mathematics underlying encryption may be intimidating, the basic concepts are quite accessible, and all technology professionals should have at least a basic understanding of how encryption provides these security benefits.

  • Saving Password

    One task that often arises in programming is how to securely save the password entered by users.

    There are at least two types of password that need to be saved. The first one is a password that is intended to be used as user authentication such as a login to a website. The second one is a password that will be used to access other service. An example for this type is your password in email client program that will be sent to email server to access your account.

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