Kana Reminder Beta

Kana Solution released Kana Reminder beta.

Kana Reminder is a small and easy to use reminder program. It can be used to display a simple text reminder, or a complex one which include launching a program, playing song etc. It comes with calendar window, which display current month with the date that has reminder in bold.

This release fixed the following bugs:

  • Bug that the reminder type for monthly reminder was not displayed when mouse is hovered on reminder list.
  • Bug that the Show Reminder command from calendar window did not work on Vista (the reminder list was not marked).
  • Bug on calender window which is the window size was not correctly calculated.
  • Some cosmetic bugs when running on Vista.

To download this version, please visit Kana Reminder’s Download page.

To get more information about Kana Reminder, please visit Kana Reminder page.

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