Opera 11 Final

Opera Software has released the final version of its Opera 11 browser. This new version has support for extensions, introduces a new tab management system, and visual mouse gesture, among others.

As in other browsers, extensions allow users to add new functionality to the browser. At this writing, there are 202 extensions available from Opera website.

Opera 11 also has new tab management system where user can stack tabs together by dragging one tab into the other to create a group of tabs. This feature is really useful especially when you want to do some research on the internet because now you can group all tabs with the same topic into just one stacked tabs.

Visual mouse gesture is visualization of what you can do with mouse gesture that appears when you hold down your right mouse button. If you already familiar with mouse gesture, this new feature does not really give you more help, instead it will slow you down a little bit because now you have to wait for the visualization to appear by holding the right mouse button.

This new version can be downloaded from Opera Software website.

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