WinAmp Extension

Program Description

Copyright 2004 by Kana Solution


Winamp Extension is a Windows command line program, which is intended to 
be integrated with Kana Reminder to control 3 functionalities of Winamp 

With Winamp Extension, you can use command line to:
- increase or decrease the volume of Winamp
- close the Winamp.

You can use this program with Kana Reminder to create a reminder entry, 
which will close the Winamp at specified time. You can also create some 
reminder entries to gradually decrease its volume before closing it.


WinAmpEx.exe -parameter

where valid parameters are
  d : turns the volume down
  u : turns the volume up
  x : close Winamp


* The program was tested with Winamp 2.91 and below.
* The program only works when Winamp is active.

Winamp is a registered trademark of Nullsoft.

For bugs report, questions, or feature requests, please visit the
Contact page on


Download winampex

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