How can I install/uninstall the programs provided from this site?


Most of the programs provided here can be downloaded as a zip file which contains the setup file, or as a zip file which contains all needed files to run it.

If the one with setup file is downloaded, to install, extract the downloaded file into a temporary directory. You will get at least two files, the executable file (SETUP.EXE) and the README.TXT file. To install the program, run the executable file. To uninstall, use the Add/Remove program from Control Panel.

The programs provided here actually do not need special installation routine. If the downloaded file is the one without setup routine, to install, extract the downloaded file into one directory (this will be the working directory for the program, so it is better to make a new directory for that), then run the *.EXE file. Most of the programs have the ability to auto start with Windows. If so, you will find a setting on the program to do that. With this setting selected, the program will be launched automatically when the Windows starts.

To uninstall, delete all files which come with the zip file. If the Start with Windows is checked, uncheck it before deleting the file, otherwise an error will be displayed every time the Windows starts.

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  • Last updated: Thursday, November 11, 2010 9:06 pm
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