Program Filename


I do not know where the program is saved. How do I know that?


If you download the program with setup routine, the program should be installed inside Program Files folder.

If you download the program without setup routine, to locate the file, use Windows Search function. The name of the executable file for the programs are:

Program Name Executable File Name
CD Tray CDTray.exe
Character Viewer ChViewer.exe
Kana Dynamic IP Updater DynDNS.exe
HTML Color Picker Cpick.exe
Kana Checksum CRCCheck.exe
Kana Clip KanaClip.exe
Kana Launcher Launcher.exe
Kana PopCloser PopClose.exe
Kana Reminder Reminder.exe
Kana WallChanger KanaWall.exe
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  • Last updated: Thursday, November 11, 2010 9:06 pm
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