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  • Using Kana Checksum The "Integrate with Explorer" option doesn't work on my Windows 7 x64 system. Can you add 64-bit registry/explorer support? thanks, Scott
  • Nice little program; am considering using this for XP (although I have another one, but this program is faster in calculating MD5). I am needing a checksum program for 64 bit Windows (Windows 7). However, this is not fully compatible with 64 bit. It will not add itself to Windows Explorer right click menu. Have you considering making this for 64 bit? Also, it would be nice to add SHA-1. Your program is quite fast in checking MD5 and CRC32. Thanks.
  • Not able to use dll in visual stuidio 2005 for web application...:(
  • Hey guys! Your checksum tool is great. I use it all the time. I'd like to suggest adding a feature that allows you to copy the found thumbprint to the second input box so that I don't have to copy and paste it EVERYTIME!!!! Either an option to automatically do this or a simple button. Thanks!

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