Copyright 2003-2006 by Kana Solution

12:28:13 09.02.2006 - Version
* Fixed bug when handling file more than 4GB in size.
* Detect .md5 and .sfv and load the checksum automatically 
  into the compare box.

10:53:52 14.11.2005 - Version
* Fixed bug that the language file was not loaded when the
  program invoked from Explorer context menu.

12:04:40 08.11.2005 - Version
* Fixed bug that the Stay on top string did not read from
  language file.
* Changed the order of Explorer menu. MD5 is first now.

12:04:40 08.11.2005 - Version
* Added setting to make the program window stay on top of
  other windows.

12:50:55 12.10.2005 - Version
* Fixed privileges problem with Windows 2003.
* Updated user interface to accomodate multi languages.

07:23:34 15.03.2005 - Version
* Fixed incorrect value is calculated for big file.

01:55:48 07.03.2005 - Version
* The CRCLib.dll is now dynamically loaded, so no fatal
  error occurs when the file is missing.
* Added calculate button.
* Added properties button to open file properties window.
* Added percentage visualization.
* Fixed the integration with explorer, which is still
  disabled although it runs on OS that does not support
  administrator privileges.
* Added support for multilanguage through dll file. If you
  are interested on translating it into other language,
  please visit https://www.kanasolution.com to download the
  file that needs to be translated.

13:40:15 04.03.2005 - Version
* Fixed error message when running as regular user on some
* Integrate with Explorer is now disabled if the user does
  not have administrator privileges.

21:25:08 03.02.2005 - Version
* Fixed crash on Windows 2000.

22:00:12 27.09.2004 - Version
* Improved CRC32 calculation algorithm, which speed up the
* Added sound notification if the program is not focused
  when the calculation done.

21:52:18 23.09.2004 - Version
* Added progress bar.
* Added Cancel button.

09:12:49 09.08.2004 - Version
* Fixed bug related to saving configuration process.

20:37:34 05.03.2004 - Version
* Changed the location of the setting file into user setting
* When checking large file, the interface is not blocked
* The checksum of the last checked file is not calculated
  when starting without specifying filename (to avoid delay
  on processing if the last checked file is a large file).
  Double click the method to initiate the checking if it is
  already selected.
* Added function to compare the result. To do that, paste a
  checksum on compare box, and calculate the checksum of the
  file. If the value is the same, the caption of the button
  on the right of the compare box becomes 'O', otherwise it
  displays '?'.

23:35:04 29.01.2004 - Version
* Added function to integrate with Explorer.
* Added function to display calculated value in lowercase.
* Added command line.
  The syntax for command line is:
    CRCCheck.exe -f={file} -c
    CRCCheck.exe -f={file} -m

    {file} is path to file to calculate. Enclose with double
    quote if the path contains space.
    -c to calculate CRC32.
    -m to calculate MD5.

00:00:00 17.08.2003 - Version
* Public release
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