Copyright 2002 - 2003 by Kana Solution

19:05:46 01.02.2003
Version released.
* Changed the program group on Start menu.
  All Kana Solution's software now are grouped into one group.
* Changed the location of the setting file (ini file) and the default
  location of permanent clip file.
  If no parameter is specified when running the program, and if the OS
  supports it, the setting file will be saved inside application data
  directory. Usually this refers to:
    "C:\My Documents and Settings\\Application
    Data\Kana Solution\Kana Clip"
    "C:\Windows\Application Data\Kana Solution\Kana Clip".
  If the OS does not support it, the setting file is saved inside the
  program directory.

09:35:53 14.01.2003
Fixed bug on drag and drop function on clip editor.

08:38:56 14.01.2003
* Moved the image list into resources and combined all images into one
  resource image. This can reduce the size of the file.
* Fixed several small bugs.

01:08:21 14.01.2003
The clipboard list now is saved when exiting the program and
regenerated when restarted.

00:59:40 14.01.2003
Permanent clip menu now is always visible, although there is no clip
file is found. Default empty permanent clip file is always created if
no permanent clip is set.

21:54:54 13.01.2003
Added setting to customize the format for the Date & Time. No
interface yet for this function. To do this add the following lines
inside the KanaClip.ini file.
  ******** Copy after this line
  ******** Copy until before this line
    d = day
    m = month
    y = year
    h = hour
    n = minute
    s = second
The format is the Delphi format for date and time. Search the web for
more information about the format.

14:45:59 13.01.2003
Added new Date & Time entry. Now, it is possible to add time and date

12:32:45 13.01.2003
Combined clip editor function into main program.

12:00:00 28.11.2002
Version released with the following changes:
* Fixed bug when displaying the About box (hotkey not functioning).
* Added hotkey to add copied text into permanent clip.
* Improved some function on Clip Editor.

12:00:00 25.11.2002
Version released with the following changes:
* Added About box on Kana Clip
* Deleted the version number from caption.

12:00:00 24.11.2002
Version released with the following changes:
* Added Kana Clip Editor. Kana Clip Editor can be used to edit
  permanent clip file. It has some advantages:
  - Integrated with Kana Clip.
  - Automatically refresh permanent clip when closed.
  - Easy management clips management.
* The editor can also be run as stand alone program to create other
  permanent clip file. Kana Clip still can use other text editor as
  its clip editor.

12:00:00 16.09.2002
Version released.
* Added setting to enable/disable copied text browsing.

12:00:00 11.09.2002
Version released.
* Fixed bug that the tray icon is not restored when explorer crashes.

12:00:00 24.07.2002
Version released.
* The copied URL is always opened in new browser window.

12:00:00 13.07.2002
Version released with the following changes:
* Numbering menu for permanent clip menu, so the menu can be selected
  by using its number. Selection by number only works for the number
  less than and equal to ten. Other permanent clipmenu can be assigned
  menu shortcut by putting an ampersand on its menu title.
* Improved the method to handling copied URL. The improvements are:
  - handling window focus.
  - only asks when the URL is copied for the first time.
* When the explorer crashes, and the hide icon is set, the icon is not
  restored into hidden.

12:00:00 10.07.2002
Version released with the following changes:
* Added function to navigate the copied text if the text is an URL.
* Added function to hide some confirmation dialogs.

12:00:00 24.06.2002
Version released.
* This is first public release.
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