Kana Launcher features:

  • Can create icons as floating window, icon in Windows’ notification area, or as popup menu.
  • Group Start, to start several files using one mouse click.
  • Easy management. Can use drag and drop, right click menu or Windows Explorer to manage the icons and menus.
  • Recognize any type of files, so you can put a shortcut, documents, or other files into Kana Launcher’s data folder.
  • The menu can pop up anywhere on desktop, so you can launch the file efficiently.
  • Unlimited icons and popup menus (including sub menus) can be created.
  • Integrated system popup menu to easily access Windows settings.
  • Can assign system wide hotkey for menu or icon, so to activate the shortcut using hotkey, the shortcut does not need to be placed on desktop, or Start menu.
  • Can use different configuration file, so can be used to create different set of icons.
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  • Last updated: Sunday, December 26, 2010 9:24 pm
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