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  • I looked at a number of launchers before settling on Kana Launcher--it does almost exactly what I had been looking for and more. It was a little confusing at first how to set it up, but once I found the Open Data Folder I used that instead of the Main Window to configure things. I'm using the Windows 7 RC1, and unfortunately I've found that the program won't launch a 64-bit app. The other thing I'd really like to see if the ability for Group Start to open folders on the desktop in addition to launching apps.
  • Kana Launcher (version ) How come this software consumes so many GDI resources? (around 3,000 out of a 10,000 Limit) ( definition ==> ) Its consuming a third of this resource! (makes windows act flaky, slow, and stutter) Why? P.S. I still love your program, due to the way you store data in the back end, but this Stinks! Please Help!
  • Great tool. By the way, I couldn't find a way to use the mouse MIDDLE CLICK as a hotkey. So I wrote a little app in AutoIt to "transfom" the middle click in a SCROLLLOCK toggle (the hot key I've set). Here is the code: #include <Misc.au3> Opt("TrayIconDebug", 1) While 1 Sleep(100) If _IsPressed('04') = 1 Then Call ("TogScrollLock") WEnd Func TogScrollLock() send("{SCROLLLOCK toggle}") EndFunc Just compile into an exe. It's what a been wanting for a couple of years.
  • Simple but efficient. Great to work with, but no export to...XML, user settings-in case s..t hapends.
  • Hi, There is i lot of launchers on the market, but why anybody doesn't make some utility which can close certain app at a certain time??? Let's say that I want to close eMule, or DC++ at 9,00 AM... How can I do that? Have a nice day! Miljko
  • been using Kana launcher for ages now and love it. Alt Gr + . is the only way to go :) , it took a little while to setup but i rarely open anything via the windows Start anymore.
  • Been using Kana Reminder for some time now. Absolutely my favorite and only reminder (it even reminds me to take out the garbage - my wife likes that). Recently also downloaded Kana Launcher so my startup process could be divided - got lotsa software to launch. The Launcher works GREAT! And the floating icons is an unexpected bonus. Have 18 floaters so far. Both programs are tops - and I'm a software junkie. Thank you for doing such good work.

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