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How to set the amount of time before the calendar window is displayed?


How to set the amount of time before the calendar window is displayed?


By default, the display of the calendar is delayed about 1 second, that is, you need to position your mouse pointer at the same place above the tray icon for 1 second before the calendar is displayed. You can change this delay time by using the method below.

The followings are the steps to set the delay time of displaying calendar window:

  1. Open data and setting file folder by using the Open Data Folder menu from system tray menu.
  2. Locate the setting file. Default name of the file is Reminder.ini. Open this file by using Notepad.
  3. Locate ShowCalendarDelay=xxx line on this file. The xxx is a number between 0 and 20000.
  4. If you find this line, change the number by using a number between 0 and 20000. This number represent the time delay before the calendar window will be displayed in milliseconds.
  5. If you cannot find this line, add ShowCalendarDelay=xxx line directly below [Options] line.
  6. Save and close the file.


The following setting will set the delay time into 500 ms.

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