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Prevent accidentally closing the popup reminder window


I setup the reminder to auto popup. When it popups, and I am in the middle of typing, I accidentally close it. How can I prevent this?


The reminder window is closed because you may hit its OK/Dismiss button when you are typing.

To prevent this, you can tell Kana Reminder to disable the button for a couple seconds. To do this, you need to add the following lines under the [Options] section of the ini file.




This setting is to set whether the control on the triggered reminder window will be temporarily disabled or not when the triggered reminder window is displayed. Temporarily disabling the control maybe useful when you have the auto popup reminder window, so when you are typing, you do not accidentally close the window when the reminder popup. Valid values are 1 (activate the disabling feature) or 0 (without disabling feature). Default value is 0. See also DisableControlInt setting.

NOTE: although the controls are disabled, the close button on the top right of the window still can be used to close the window during the disabled state.

This setting is to set for how long is the controls in triggered reminder window are disabled. See DisableControl for more information on disabling the control in triggered reminder window. Valid values are between 0-59, which represent the time in second. Default value is 10.

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