Kana WallChanger

Version History

Copyright 2001-2005 by Kana Solution

23:28:15 08.11.2005 - Version
* Added dialog to select monitored folder on startup if it
  is not set yet.
* Added dialog to allow cancelling selected display
* Added notification dialog if the images to be loaded are
  too many (more that 400 images).
* Added progress bar and total images processed information
  during loading the images into list.
* Added information of total images currently on the list.
* The Show preview window setting is now saved.
* Support multi languages through DLL file.
* Code maintenance and cleanup. The image should be laoded
  faster then before.

16:01:40 30.09.2005 - Version
* The image that currently used as wallpaper is displayed
  with different icon on the list so it will be easily
* When navigate the image on the list, pressing ENTER will
  make the selected image be used as wallpaper.

12:55:15 29.09.2005 - Version
* Added preview window.
* Added preview window on add image dialog.
* Code maintenance.

22:19:37 15.01.2004 - Version
* Added Activate Screen Saver function.
* Changed the icon into high color icon.
* Improved the Exit menu. Now it only displays the Standby
  and Hibernate if the OS supports it (and was not
* Added function to check for newer version. To do this,
  click the version number on the About box.

17:40:08 19.10.2003 - Version
* Fixed some bugs introduced on the latest release.

11:27:44 19.10.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug that the "Do not show this message again"
  setting was not saved.
* Changed the image icons on the list. The icons are now
  detected from the system.

19:04:19 16.10.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug that the tray icon did not recovered after
  Explorer crashes.

01:07:05 24.04.2003 - Version
* Improved the hotkey implementation.

22:16:00 05.04.2003 - Version
* Fixed access violation bug when adding image on blank

19:59:44 30.03.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug that the shutdown command did not shutdown the
  power completely on Windows 2000.

19:09:35 30.03.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug that the last wallpaper was not selected
  returned after restarting the program.

21:33:41 19.02.2003 - Version
* Fixed bug on the initialization of the last changing time.
  In previous version, if you advance the computer time, and
  during this advanced time, the wallpaper is changed, and
  then the time is switched back, the wallpaper will not
  change until the advanced time is passed.

22:21:46 07.02.2003 - Version
* Added new Exit Windows features.
  The function is already in the program in case the restart
  is needed when changing the screen resolution. So, this
  addition actually just bring the function to the user

01:08:22 18.01.2003 - Version
* The time the wallpaper is changed now is saved. So, when
  the program is started, the change interval now is counted
  base on the last time the wallpaper was changed. In
  previous version, is was counted from the time the program
  is started.

00:00:31 18.01.2003 - Version
* Enhanced the hotkey code.
* Some changes on the user interface.

16:04:36 14.01.2003 - Version
* Changed the program group on Start menu.
  All Kana Solution's software now are grouped into one
* Changed the location of the setting file (ini file).
  If no parameter is specified when running the program, and
  if the OS supports it, the setting file will be saved
  inside application data directory. Usually this refers to:
    "C:\My Documents and Settings\
    \Application Data\Kana Solution\Kana Wallchanger"
    "C:\Windows\Application Data\Kana Solution\Kana
  If the OS does not support it, the setting file is saved
  inside the program directory.
* Added the default location of the directory to be
  By default, this directory is your My Picture folder if
  supported by the OS. If it does not supported, the default
  location will be selected by using this priority:
    1. My Documents
    2. The location of setting file (ini file)
    3. Program directory.
* Added resize and shrink method when applying the
  Resize will resize the image to fit into your screen. If
  the image is smaller, it will be enlarged, if it larger,
  it will be shrinked, with maintaning the aspect ratio.
  Shrink only shrinks the image if it larger than the
  screen. With both method, the image will be centered when
  applying as wallpaper.
* Changed the dialog to choose the tray icon.
* Deleted the setting to hide shortcut arrow.
* Many code optimizations and improvements.
* Fixed some minor bugs.

16:10:01 15.12.2002 - Version
* Added monitored image folder.
  Specify a folder to be monitored from Options tab. Any
  supported image files added into or deleted from this
  folder will be automatically added into or deleted from
  the list.

16:11:37 14.09.2002 - Version
* Improved the algorithm to randomize selection of the
  The selection will not be repeated until all images are

16:12:30 12.09.2002 - Version
* Lock workstation actually does not work with Windows NT,
  so it is excluded from this version.

16:14:36 08.09.2002 - Version
* Fixed bug that the desktop transparent is not restored
  when other program changes that.

16:16:19 06.09.2002 - Version
* Added Save button to allow saving the image list.
* Reorganized the tabs to simplify the interface.
* Improved help file.
* Fixed several bugs.

16:17:41 30.08.2002 - Version
* Added Next and Previous button to select the image from
  the list.
* Reorganized the buttons to accomodate the new buttons.

16:18:41 29.07.2002 - Version
* Added hotkey for some functions.
* Added support for PNG file.

16:19:18 04.06.2002 - Version
* Setting to hide shortcut arrow.
* Setting to use user defined icon for tray icon.
* Updated help file.

16:22:01 29.05.2002 - Version
* Updated the interface so it is now more compatible with
  Windows XP.

16:23:55 27.05.2002 - Version
* Fixed bug the wallpaper cannot be set to centered with
  active desktop.

16:23:55 21.05.2002 - Version
* Improved the interface so it is more compatible with
  Windows XP.
* Changed the component to change text color.
* Fixed bug in tab control on Options page.

16:23:55 18.04.2002 - Version
* Added method to change the text color to avoid the message
  is being displayed when the program cannot get the desktop
* Added setting to change the desktop text color and
  transpancy when the wallpaper is changed by other program,
  such as changing manually using control panel. It may take
  1 minute before the change is actually performed.

16:23:55 13.04.2002 - Version
* Setup file now deletes all registry entries created by
  Kana WallChanger.

16:23:55 12.04.2002 - Version
* Added the ability to drag and drop the directory. Kana
  WallChanger automatically detects and adds all supported
  files containing on that directory and its sub directory
  into the list.
* Added more time intervals to change the wallpaper.
* Changed the list type to fill the desktop. It is now the
  same as the list displayed by Windows.
* Added notification dialog when hiding desktop icon.
* Added setting to make hiding desktop icon as a default
  action when double clicking the tray icon.
* Added the ability to suppress the dialog.
* Fixed some bugs.

16:23:55 01.04.2002 - Version
* Fixed. Multiselection of files when adding images did not

16:23:55 24.03.2002 - Version
* Added setting to choose wallpaper randomly.
* Added setting to hide desktop icon.
* Added help file with context help.
* Improved drag and drop handling.

16:23:55 17.03.2002 - Version
* Can detects the change on display properties.

16:23:55 13.03.2002 - Version
* Fixed. The tray icon is not displayed on Win95.
* Added check routine for the version of file Comctl32.dll.

16:23:55 11.03.2002 - Version
* Added setting to lock workstation (only for Win NT, 2000,
  or XP)

16:23:55 09.03.2002 - Version
* Added setting to enable/disable automatic changing of
* Added button to use blank wallpaper.
* Added one tab sheet to organize the setting.
* Changed the organization of settings on tab sheet.

16:23:55 07.03.2002 - Version
* Fixed. Caption on About button is to long.

16:23:55 06.03.2002 - Version
* Added setting to make desktop text icon to become
  transparent (for Win9x and Win2000).
* Added setting to open and close CDRom (just combine the CD
  Tray functionality into this)

16:23:55 06.03.2002 - Version
* Added a function to change display mode.

16:23:55 28.02.2002 - Version
* First beta release.
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