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Can I use my LAN IP address to update?


Can I use my LAN IP address to update? I want to access one of my PC from other PC on LAN by using domain name.


Version 3 left this feature disabled, but it was reimplemented on version and above. To use this feature in version 3, add the following line under [Options] section on ini file:


To use this feature on version 2, beginning from version, follow the following steps:

  1. On Settings – Connection window, set Kana Dynamic IP Updater to connect by using LAN.
  2. On Settings – IP Address window, set Kana Dynamic IP Updater to detect IP address automatically.
  3. On Settings – IP Address window, on IP server, it should be blank (no text is on the box). With this, Kana Dynamic IP Updater will not detect your IP address by using IP server.
  4. On Settings – IP Address window, exclude the local IP you want to use to update from local IP box. For example, if your DHCP server assigns IP address to your computer, on detected IP address box, you may see and Add only to the local IP box. If you have IP address 192.168.0.x on local IP box, delete it.

With this, Kana Dynamic IP Updater will use to update your hostname, so that you can use this hostname to connect to this computer from other computer on your LAN.


If you use this function, all hostnames will be updated by using this local IP address. This means that your computer will not be able to be accessed from outside your LAN by using hostname.

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