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  • DynDNS Updater always gives the following error: "Update result: error can update" it pops up with a beep about every minute, along with an error icon. The log says "group x is not configured correctly" Enable automatic update is checked. IP Detect is set to default (recommended). The "detect my IP" button finds my public IP address. What am I doing wrong?
  • I use DyndnsUpdater and have folloing problem : After Update i run an Misc-Script. It should log the old and the updated-ip into a database. The string for run under "When active conn.." is ""LogDB.pl" %UPDATED_IP% %CURRENT_IP%" But in the script booth parameter ($ARGV[0], $ARGV[1]) contains the new ip-address. Whats wrong ?
  • abunoof
  • Doesn't prevent flooding which can get the client banned... and if it continues dyndns (for example) bannes your IP because you are abusing their service with excess updates.
  • Hello, When will a Vista compliant release be ready? Thanks
  • Hello, since a week no DynDNS-Updates are possible with your nice tool, especially while running DynDNS-Updater as Windows Service. If you FORCE an update manually, it will work. We have tried it on 5 locations - no success. Any idea? Greetings from Germany...
  • Hi, I got the problem when updating is running. The message show that update result error,cannot update. What should i to do and settle it? Pls help.
  • hello when i install the updater at the final position, a error message (code1703) appears. what's the problem ? thanks for any helping hands
  • Thanks for your excellent program. Since V3.2beta it is working on non-admin accounts. But I have still three problems: 1. If it is started as a service and autoupdate is disabled, the icon never appears. 2. Group disabling does not work/is not stored. 3. It should be possible to enable forced updates, even if autoupdate is disabled. Hope you can consider these suggestions in future releases. Greetings, XE.
  • hello my dyndns is able to update my ip just after start but turns red after about 15 minutes later and send the following message every 2 minutes: [004] - 09:19:14 - 09/29/2007 - Current IP address ( is not public IP [002] - 09:19:14 - 09/29/2007 - Will try to check again within 1 minutes and when it is red it no longer works. can you help me? thanks. christian
  • Thanks for developing DynDns Updater. The only downside is, that none of the "solutions" mentioned in the FAQ about a non-showing tray icon when running as service under Windows Server 2003 actually work. I tried them all. Any solution/changes in sight? Cheers!
  • Hi, i just love DynDNS Updater. I use it from more than 1 year on Windows XP, but now, with Windows VISTA, DynDNS Updater just dont start automatically with VISTA... they need to be authorized manually everytime we start the Windows VISTA (Vista Ultimate Version) I hope KanaSolution have a solution to this problem as soon as possible! Thank you and keep the good work. Best regards from Portugal :-)
  • I'm sorry I don't seem to get the software working. I tried aal kinds of settings but the Update result is always 'winsock error' . I am running XP SP2 on dyndns.org used the alternative port as well Could it have to do with the router I am using?
  • Hello! I just downloaded DynDNS Updater and I love it! Clean sleek interface and 100% working from the start. With joy from Sweden, take care!
  • I really liked you "DynDNS Updater" application. I just downloaded, and seems terrific. I live in Mexico city and I am installing an AXIS Network camera in my small shop. I believe your applications will help me a lot. Excellent job. Muchas gracias y saludos cordiales. Bye!!!
  • Hello! This message is just to say thank you for developing the DynDNS Updater software. I like it very much, it is free, easy to use, low resource requirements, just exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
  • Dyndns updater is a great util - Free, easy to use and works perfectly Keep up the good work.
  • Hi, i had start using yr DynDNS Updater. Yr Program is Ultra/Mega/SUpper useful. nice neat interface. even a beginner Networker know how to config it w/o help files. I got yr site thru DynDNS.org. Thanks n good luck to u :)
  • Congratulation!!! I try many Updater, and your is Simple! And Work automaticly whith my Iptables Linux whith Transparent Proxy.
  • Hi! A few days ago I downloaded and tried out DynDNS Updater because I finally went broadband (sort of) and it seems to work really nice! Good work!
  • I wrote you a while back telling you about a beeping sound in your dns resolver, and you fixed it for me, Im pretty sure I thanked you for it, but Id like to thank you again. Id also like to say that its been a while since then, and Im still using your products without any problems, Im imensly enjoying them and they are very pleasent to use and have a nice interface, thanks a bunch for these wonderful tools.
  • I've created a DynDNS account some months ago and started to test hosting my own server now: The whole process from looking for an Windows IP update client, deciding to try DynDNS Updater, downloading and installing it, entering my account data and have the software handling the dynamic IP assignment by my ISP took me no more than 15 minutes or so! If not *this*, what else is usability?!? Really a great, great job. Thank you so much!
  • Hello, I'm another very satisfied user of DynDNS updater proggy. I just wanted to say that after long searches for something small not filled with junk, effective and not memory and resources consuming I hit your little proggy. You just saved me some work because I was just about to give up searching and to write my own updater. The interface is very nice also. Maybe for the newcomers you could explain that the host has to have the domain trailed to it (just a note). COngrats and keep up the good work. I will try your other products also cus i like your style of coding.
  • DynDNS is brilliant! There may be the possibility for hosting of files but will have to check (not my server / connection).
  • Your DynDNS Updater kicks ass! I voted 5 in DynDNS.org!

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