Kana Dynamic IP Updater

Dialer with Delay


I set the Kana Dynamic IP Updater to redial without delay, but when my connection is disconnected, it does not seem to redial immediately.


This problem is not exist in Kana Dynamic IP Updater version 2 and above.

To reduce the CPU time, by default the timer to check the state of RAS connection is 30 seconds. This makes some delays on the disconnect detection process, and on the redial process.

Beginning from version, you can set the timer interval. To do that, add the following key inside ini file under [Options] section.


The above example will set the timer interval into 1 second. Replace the number by any number, as long as the number is a positive integer number.

On Version 3 and above, the delay can be configured from Dialer Settings.

Reconnect dialer settings

The reconnect delay can be set from the above setting .

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