Kana Dynamic IP Updater

How can I get the IP addresses so I can feed them into other program?


How can I get the IP addresses so I can feed them into other program?


You can append the program with a string parameter as follow:

  • To include current IP address as detected by Kana Dynamic IP Updater (it can be private or public), add string %CURRENT_IP%.
  • To include updated IP address, add string %UPDATED_IP%.

For example, suppose that you have a batch file like this:

@echo off
:: This is an example on how to incorporate the IP address
:: detected by Kana Dynamic IP Updater into a program.

:: This example will print current IP and updated IP on screen.

set cur_ip=%1
set upd_ip=%2

echo Current IP: %cur_ip%, updated IP: %upd_ip%


and you save it inside C:\Program Files\Kana Dynamic IP Updater as showip.bat, then you can run it by using the following command on program list:

“C:\Program Files\Kana Dynamic IP Updater\showip.bat” %CURRENT_IP% %UPDATED_IP%

When Kana Dynamic IP Updater detects the change on the IP address, the batch file will be executed and the %CURRENT_IP% and %UPDATED_IP% will be replaced by IP addresses.

If the path to the program contains space, enclose the path with double qoutation like the example above.

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