Kana Dynamic IP Updater

Running Service on Windows Server 2003


How can I get the main window when running Kana Dynamic IP Updater as service on Windows Server 2003? I do not see the tray icon there.


Beginning on version, the tray icon is not immediately displayed when running as service. There are some delay introduced to avoid some reported problems. The delay seem to reduce the problems encountered when running as service.

The delay can be longer when you logon after logoff. This is because the tray icon is displayed after the IP checking process.

The program still monitors the IP although no tray icon is displayed.

If you want to get access immediately to the main window, you can set the hot key to display tray icon popup menu. Using the hotkey, you will be able to access the menu although no tray icon is displayed.

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  • Last updated: Thursday, November 11, 2010 12:15 pm
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